Scam Alert

Hi, Jammers. This page is the secret about scammers and what not to fall for. Scammers can be everywhere in Jamaa, you just don't know if that person is one or if that other person is one. I was scammed a few times and I've learnt something about scammers. If you have anyone that's scammed you, please comment or send me the username of that scammer, so other Jammers can watch out for them!

Ways people can scam you:

1. The Contest Cheat: Here is one method I see a lot of people do. They always are saying "The person who sends me the best rare will win a locket etc." so don't send them ANYTHING!

2. Accept First: I got scammed by this method. A person can say, "Accept the trade I trade you and you can get this item." This person that told me this took my rare Fox Hat. RARE!

3. The Try-On Trick: Let's say you're wearing a nonmember bow and then a person walks up to you and says, "Can I try that bow on? Trade me it and I'll give it back. Promise!" but do you think that's a promise? I don't think so. Someone told this to me but I didn't trade my bow.

4. The Decline Trade Deception: Some people in Jamaa always do this scam method. They draw attention to people by saying, "I will decline every trade! Even if you trade me rares!" don't fall for this. Of course they'll accept if you trade that person rares.

5. The Glitch Gyp: If there's a person who knows maybe all the glitches in Animal Jam, then the person will tell everyone to come to the person's den and then... *drumroll* they will ask you to trade him/her an item. They may show you the glitch but it's not worth it.

6. Promising: A scammer might tell you to send something to them and then you will receive something back. Tell them no because you can just trade and anyway, it's faster. This is also similar to when they say you will get a code if you send them something.

7. Pleading: Most people always do this scam method. They always ask people to send them something, claiming that they are either poor or it's their birthday.

Special thanks to the Scam Police. Click here to visit their website and become a scam police!


  1. there is a scam that goes like "trade me that rare and you will get code!"
    do not do it because they might be lieing

  2. also, a non-scammer was saying "whoever sends me the best item will get my headdress" it was no scam! he was such a pest when he kept sending my items back!



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